Anita's Place Christmas Graphics


This is a collection of my favorite Christmas graphics.

Angel playing in Christmas tree animated---11511 bytes
Bear popping out of gift box animated---8349 bytes
Bears skating ---27517bytes
Bears with Noel banner ---3175 bytes
Candles ---43070 bytes
Candy Cane with Bow ---3128 bytes
Christmas Cat animated---4374 bytes
Cats sitting on snowy windowsill animated---35364 bytes
Cat hanging on Chrismas Wreath animated---6723 bytes
Cats with "Happy Holiday" banner ---5022 bytes
Cat sitting in decorated window ---17595 bytes
Christmas chimes animated ---34507 bytes
Christmas Tree animated ---14023 bytes
Christmas Tree ---14409 bytes
Christmas Tree animated ---247193 bytes
Cookies and milk on plate animated ---6255 bytes
Holly ---1502 bytes
Holly with berries ---5638 bytes
Holly Wreath ---4033 bytes
Kitten angels with holly ---25498 bytes
Kittens with holly ---25274 bytes
Nutcracker Soldier ---34943 bytes
Ornament ---50472 bytes
Penguins singing ---25449 bytes
Peppermint ---66066 bytes
Reindeer with lights on antlers animated ---23373 bytes
Reindeer popping out of music box animated ---15963 bytes
Santa in chimney animated ---61661 bytes
Santa with Christmas lights and Merry Christmas banner animated ---6702 bytes
Santa reviewing the "list" with elves animated ---21129 bytes
Santa coming down the fireplace animated ---30032 bytes
Santa Waving animated ---7908 bytes
Snow Globe with angel animated---15782 bytes
Snow Globe with Christmas Tree animated ---21885 bytes
Snow Globe with falling snow on house animated ---2811 bytes
Snowman animated ---18147 bytes
Snowman - shivering animated ---80200 bytes
Snow Globe with snowman animated ---11982
Town with 3 buildings in snow animated ---28969 bytes
Town with 5 buildings in snow animated ---28699 bytes
Wreath - sparkling animated ---38489 bytes

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