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AAA Comic Strip Index

Alternative Comics

Blender Web

Comic Book Depot


Dark Horse Comics


Joke of the Day

Far Side strips

Funny Times Actually a paper-based magazine; Cartoons available each week online; Links to other sites.

Gallery of Advertising Parody

Jihad to Destroy Barney

Kingswood Kranium Rejected names for sports franchises; Qualities and talents people don't find sexy; Brain humor section with funny misunderstandings.

LaughWeb Grab an insult each morning; Parodies and canonical lists; Political and business humor.

Monty Python Pictures, sounds, videos and scripts.

Mr. Bad Advice Links to other cultural & humor sites; Mr. Bad Advice's comic autobiography.

None More Comic

Online Comix

Political Cartoons

Rodney Dangerfield Joke of the day; Downloadable videos.

The Tick More serious dart sites on the Net; The Tick's home page & comic strip; Video clips, icons, & order forms.

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