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"(If There Was) Any Other Way"
Celine Dion

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Sorry I know Iím late Guess I lost all track of time Started walking and couldnít stop turning it over in my mind Trying to make some sense of it Trying to make the pieces fit I thought I covered my tracks so well But now he says he knew about it from the start Yeah he knew about us all along... If there was any other way love Donít you think Iíve tried to find it Donít you think I want to stay If there was any other way love Thereís no way out of this There just ainít any other way... Maybe Iíd better be leaving now But thereís something I want you to Understand before I go Sometimes we donít have a choice when we Play and break the rules I just had to see you darliní, one more time If only just to say goodbye ĎCos he knew about us all the time I never wanted it to be like this I never meant to get serious But now the thought of losing you Takes some getting used to