Before I Gaze At You Again

Despite his humorlessness and fanaticism, in the wake of his good looks, physical prowess and now miracle working, Guenevere has fallen in love with Lancelot.  But she still loves Arthur as well.  She sings her torment:

Before I gaze at you again
I'll need a time for tears.
Before I gaze at you again
Let hours turn to years.
I have so much
Forgetting to do
Before I try to gaze again at you.

Stay away until you cross my mind
Barely once a day.
Stay away until I wake and find
I can smile and say

That I shall gaze at you again
Without a blush or qualm,
My eyes will shine like new again,
My manner poised and calm.

No sign of fear,
Not even a sigh
And so till when we gaze again
Goodbye, goodbye.

Several knights are invested that evening, including Lancelot.  Afterwards, Arthur has a monologue in which he expresses his love for both Guenevere and Lancelot, all the while knowing they have fallen in love with each other.  Arthur is tempted to take revenge, but above all he longs for peace and civility and finally resolves that somehow all three will come through this difficult situation.

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