I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight 

Arthur speculates on what his subjects must think of the upcoming nuptials: 

I know what my people are thinking tonight,
As home through the shadows they wander.
Ev'ryone smiling in secret delight,
They stare at the castle and ponder.
Whenever the wind blows this way,
You can almost hear ev'ryone say: 

I wonder what the King is doing tonight,
What merriment is the king pursuing tonight?
The candles at the Court, they never burn'd as bright.
I wonder what the King is up to tonight.
How goes the final hour
As he sees the bridal bower
Being legally and regally prepared?
Well, I'll tell you what the King is doing tonight:
He's scared!  He's scared! 

You mean that a king who fought a dragon,
Whack'd him in two and fixed his wagon,
Goes to be wed in terror and distress?

A warrior who's so calm in battle
Even his armor doesn't rattle,
Faces a woman petrified with fright?

You mean that appalling clamoring
That sounds like a blacksmith hammering
Is merely the banging of his royal knees?

You wonder what the King is wishing tonight . . .
He's wishing he were in Scotland fishing tonight.
What occupies his time while waiting for the bride?
He's searching high and low for some place to hide. 

And oh, the expectation,
The sublime anticipation
He must feel about the wedding night to come!
Well, I'll tell you what the King is feeling tonight:
He's numb!  He shakes!
He quails!  He quakes!
And that's what the King is doing tonight. 

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