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Begins and ends an HTML document.


Encloses items in an HTML document head.


Provides extra information about an HTML document.


Displays the document’s title. The title is displayed on the browser title bar.


Encloses the main structure of the HTML document, such as text and images.


Replaces the <BODY> tag with frames. Framesets can be used within one another.


A specific frame within a frameset.


If a browser does not support frames, it refers to the NOFRAMES tag. The <BODY> tag is used within the NOFRAMES tag for alternate content.


Includes the text address at the base of the browser.

<A HREF="url">text</A>

Anchor to text for a URL. Click the text to visit the URL. Also known as a link. To use e-mail addresses, replace the URL with

<A NAME="name">text</NAME>

Creates a target within an HTML document.

<H1></H1> ... <H6></H6>

Creates headings that can be used in HTML documents. Number goes from 1-6.


Inserted into any HTML tag, allows an item to be individually recognized by a browser and to be formatted using style sheets.


Inserted into any HTML tag, allows a tag to belong to a specific class that can be formatted by style sheets.


Ordered list.


Unordered list.


List of words and definitions.


Defines individual items in ordered and unordered lists.


Used for the word that is being defined. Used in <DL> tags.


Used for the definition of a word. Used in <DL> tags


Sets the value in a ordered list. Used within the <LI> tags.


Inserts a style sheet.


Inserts a script, such as VBSCRIPT or JAVASCRIPT, into a document.


Expresses a relationship to another document outside of the originating HTML document.

<BASE HREF="url">

Allows an HTML document to make the correct interpretation of URLs in a document.


Sets the font style and size for an entire document.


Increases the size of a font.


Decreases the size of a font.


Places strong emphasis on text.


Defines subscripts.


Defines superscripts.


Makes text bold.


Makes text italic.


Underlines text.


Places emphasis on text.


Preformatted text.


Encloses citations.


Encloses code-based text.


Displays sample text.


Encloses keyboard input.


Disables the <FONT> tag process.


Indicates a variable.


Indicates a definition.


Indicates an abbreviation.


Indicates an acronym.


Displays a fixed width font.


Begins and ends a paragraph.

<DIV ALIGN=”value”></DIV>

Aligns a specific area of text.


Draws a horizontal line across the web page.


Creates a line break within a Web page.


Begins a form within an HTML document.


Begins a table within an HTML document.


Creates a row within a table. Must be used after the <TABLE> tag.


Creates a column within a row. Must be used after the <TR> tag.


Creates a heading cell. Used in place of the <TD> tag.

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